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Our multi-disciplinary team brings a wealth of knowledge to your cannabis business so we can ensure your legal and business needs are identified from all angles and protected.

Our Approach

Cannabis businesses are unique, and the skill set of your attorneys should be, too.  You face all of the challenges that any agricultural, manufacturing, food processing, shipping, and retail business face. On top of that, cannabis businesses are among the most heavily regulated businesses in the country, with background check, licensing, testing, tax, and marketing restrictions that your counterparts in other industries in other markets do not have to navigate.  Therefore, you need attorneys with both broad and sophisticated business experience and highly specific regulatory experience.  Our cannabis law group has you covered, so you don’t have to worry about your business going “up in smoke.”

Regulatory and Enforcement

Our team of regulatory attorneys draw from decades of experience, both previously representing state agencies, and now squaring off against them on behalf of our clients.  Whether you have initial licensing questions about forming a cannabis business or your existing license is being threatened by an agency action, we have the tools—and the experience—to help keep your business on track.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Our team of lobbyists has played a key role at the state capitol making sure the idea of adult-use cannabis could become both a reality for Minnesotans and an opportunity for the business community.  In doing so, we have represented the legislative interests of some of the most significant stakeholders in Minnesota’s cannabis industry.  In helping to shape cannabis law in Minnesota, our lobbyists have drawn on decades of combined experience serving in high-level government positions and advocating for the interests of clients across numerous regulated industries.  That experience provides our team with unparalleled knowledge of the cannabis landscape in Minnesota, and the regulatory and legislative decision-makers that shape it.

Business Formation, Commercial Transactions, and M&A

Our team of corporate attorneys work with companies of all sizes—from start-up enterprises seeking initial capital funding to established multinational businesses seeking to expand their footprint.  We can work with your cannabis business from its infancy through its sale and everything in between.

Food and Beverage

Our regulatory and corporate attorneys have advised countless food and beverage clients—both within the cannabis industry and in the broader market.  Whether you are navigating manufacturing or packaging issues, responding to an inquiry from a state agency like the Department of Agriculture, or negotiating a distribution agreement, our attorneys have the experience to make sure your products get to store shelves and stay on them.

Intellectual Property

The success of many companies is tied to their brand, and cannabis businesses are no different.  Due to the nature of cannabis law—with vast conflicts between what is acceptable at the state and federal levels—patent, trademark, copyright, and brand protection is complicated.  Our intellectual property attorneys cut through that complexity and have unique strategies for protecting your brand and keeping your intellectual property safe.