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Practice Area

Regulatory & Government Relations

Government and regulation affects all of us – but none more so than individuals and businesses that operate in heavily regulated industries such as health care, insurance, energy, telecommunications, real estate, and others. We provide creative solutions and ardent advocacy to guide you through the complex legislative and regulatory processes to help keep moving your business forward.


Advocacy & Lobbying

We represent clients as they interact with government, regulatory agencies, the legislature, local units of government or courts, working on your behalf to make sure your voice is heard in shaping public policy.

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Attorney General Investigations & Enforcement Actions

Our team represents businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations and professional fundraisers in protecting their interests in the increasingly frequent and aggressive Attorney General investigations and enforcement actions, including those involving charities and political fundraisers and consumer protection.

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Campaign Finance & Election Law

Our team of attorneys and lobbyists, with extensive experience in the political arena, work with you to shape and influence public policy through the political process, and advise and represent individuals and entities who are looking for guidance navigating the complex web of state and federal campaign finance and election laws.

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Cannabis Law

Our multi-disciplinary team brings a wealth of knowledge to your cannabis business so we can ensure your legal and business needs are identified from all angles and protected.

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Data Privacy for Regulated Industries

Our data privacy and security team has particular strength working with regulated industries, which face even closer scrutiny from authorities on the handling of consumer data. In insurance and healthcare in particular, storing and exchanging highly sensitive information is an inherent and necessary part of business functions, and is fraught with risk.  Our team of …

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Our clients encounter environmental issues and regulation in business acquisition and divestiture, property acquisition and development, permitting and environmental review, product development and manufacturing, and even litigation or agency enforcement. We partner with clients to navigate the regulatory maze by identifying environmental issues, obtaining necessary approvals and staying in compliance, all while meeting business goals. …

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Regulated Industries

We represent individuals, business and other organizations before agencies, boards and commissions in Minnesota, regionally and nationally.

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Regulatory Audits, Investigations & Enforcement Actions

We represent clients in responding to and undergoing regulatory audits, investigations and enforcement, ranging from an individual solo practitioner, all the way to Fortune 50 companies.

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