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Capital Market Strategies for Affordable Housing

Christina Rieck Loukas will be presenting at the 10th Annual Minnesota Affordable Housing Summit on December 13, 2023.  She will participate on the “Capital Market Strategies for Affordable Housing” panel, which will discuss: Debt & equity underwriting terms and conditions; How increased interest rates have impacted affordable housing; HUD financing options; Fannie & Freddie financing ...

December 13, 2023


For Women, By Women: Courage, Compassion and Authenticity in Leadership

Tami Diehm will be speaking at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s (MSPBJ) event, “For Women, By Women: Courage, Compassion and Authenticity in Leadership,” on December 8, 2023. For Women, By Women is an empowering event that celebrates and highlights the essential qualities that women bring to leadership roles. Participants will gain valuable insights, tools, and ...

December 8, 2023


St. Thomas New Lawyers Q&A Panel

Kyle Kroll and Megan Miller will be part of the St. Thomas New Lawyers Q&A Panel on November 27, 2023. Alongside fellow panelists, they will discuss their journeys as new lawyers, navigating the challenges of preparing for the bar exam, and reflecting on their experiences in law school. For more information and to register, please ...

November 27, 2023


Breaking the Ice: Early experience informs tips for junior attorneys

Cianna Halloran was recently profiled for Minnesota Lawyer‘s “Breaking the Ice” series. The Q&A format of the article explores Cianna’s journey as a newer attorney who has already been to trial on two complex civil litigation cases, and is prepping for a third. With her focus in civil litigation, she also shares advice on how ...

Client Alert

Minnesota Court of Appeals Ruling Impacts Estate Administration for Medical Assistance Recipients

By: Samuel J. Logterman

In a unanimous decision filed Monday, November 20, 2023, the Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed a district court opinion that limits medical assistance claims against estates to only the amount of long-term-care services that were actually provided to the decedent. Under Minnesota law, the State of Minnesota can recover “the amount of medical assistance rendered ...

Minnesota Digital Exhibit System (MNDES) Is Now Statewide, with 2.0 Updates

By: Kyle R. Kroll

Over the past year, the Minnesota Judicial Branch has been rolling out the Minnesota Digital Exhibit System—or “MNDES” (pronounced “minn-deez”). MNDES is an easy-to-use, online platform for submitting, sharing, viewing, and downloading exhibits statewide. Through MNDES, exhibits are accessible for both remote and in-person hearings, and they are also available to the Court of Appeals. ...


Annual State of Brownfields Lobbyist Panel

Haley Cobb will participate on the lobbyist panel for the Minnesota Brownfields Annual State of Brownfields Meeting at the State Capitol on November 16, 2023. Minnesota Brownfields’ mission is to promote, through education, research, and partnerships, the efficient cleanup and reuse of contaminated land as a means of generating economic growth, strengthening communities and enabling ...

November 16, 2023


Employee Privacy Done Right – Avoiding Mistakes with Biometrics, Employee Data Requests, Surveillance, and More

Aimée Dayhoff, Lisa Ellingson and Mark Gleeman will be presenting at the 2023 Labor & Employment Law Institute on November 16, 2023.  Their session is titled “Employee Privacy Done Right – Avoiding Mistakes with Biometrics, Employee Data Requests, Surveillance, and More.” This high-level conference, organized annually with the support of Minnesota CLE and the Labor ...

November 16, 2023


The Employment Privacy Landscape is Evolving — Are Your Business Policies?

The employment landscape has changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic, affecting the technology we use, the information we share, and even the places we work. Many businesses are familiar with the laws dealing with privacy requirements for their customers, but in recent years this focus has expanded to include strict regulations covering the ...

November 16, 2023


Commercial Lending Law: A Jurisdiction-by-Jurisdiction Guide to U.S. and Canadian Law, Third Edition

By: Anthony "Tony" D. Todero

Tony Todero is a co-editor of the recently published Commercial Lending Law: A Jurisdiction-by-Jurisdiction Guide to U.S. and Canadian Law, Third Edition, as well as a co-author on the Chapter about the state of Nebraska. Updated and expanded, this comprehensive two-volume set is a valuable resource for commercial lenders and their lawyers negotiating or reviewing ...


Surviving SIRS Investigations Through Hearing and Appeals

David Aafedt and Christianna Finnern will be presenting at the Care Providers of Minnesota 75th Annual Convention & Exposition on November 13-15, 2023. Their talk is titled “Surviving SIRS Investigations Through Hearing and Appeals.” Learning objectives: Describe the background and purpose of the Surveillance and Integrity Review Section Understand how SIRS Investigations work Decide upon ...

November 13-15, 2023


Who is the Medical Decisionmaker?

Maggie Green and Tracy Jacobs will be presenting at the Care Providers of Minnesota Convention on November 13, 2023.  Their presentation is titled “Who is the Medical Decisionmaker?” Guardianship, power of attorney, POLST and advance directives: who has the authority to make medical decisions for a patient who lacks medical decision-making capacity? Determining this can ...

November 13, 2023

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