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Michael T. Olsen

I help clients identify and maximize the value of their Intellectual Property assets.

My Approach

A successful Intellectual Property transaction should protect the clients’ Intellectual Property assets and minimize the risks without disrupting the business deal. Those objectives can be particularly challenging without a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Intellectual Property rights that will be subject to the transaction along with the business goals and risk tolerances of the client. Before any drafting or negotiating begins, I map out a strategy for achieving the business objectives and ensuring the Intellectual Property assets are protected. That approach will often reveal areas where additional protection may be needed before entering into the transaction. That information also informs me on the best approach with risks areas such as indemnification, warranties, and limitations on liability that can often side track a transaction.

Groundbreaking Moment In My Career

I have advised many clients’ over the years on how to protect their Intellectual Property assets especially before entering into a transaction. It is very satisfying to watch a client progress from an early stage growth oriented company with few Intellectual Property assets to a position where those assets have grown significantly. I have helped strengthen those assets through lucrative Intellectual Property transactions that have increases the value of the underlying Intellectual Property and bottom line of my clients. The true measurement of that value was revealed when a long-time client was trying to sale its company. It was very rewarding to recognize the strong position my client was in to sale its company.

Practice Areas

Honors & Awards

IP Star

Managing IP, 2013-2018

Associations & Memberships

Minnesota State Bar Association

Washington State Bar Association

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Licensing Executives Society

Member, since 2009

Ronald McDonald House


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