Clean Energy

Last week, the House passed the bill requiring Minnesota utilities to transition to 100% carbon-free energy production by the year 2040, and sent it to the Senate. The Senate debated the legislation Thursday and passed it off of the floor without amendments, and will send it to the Governor for signature within the week. The bill includes “off-ramps” for utilities that are unable to meet the specified benchmarks on their own.


Senators debated the bill to codify the right to an abortion for hours last Friday, eventually passing the bill close to 3:00 AM on Saturday morning. Governor Tim Walz signed the bill into law on Tuesday. While the provisions go into effect immediately, Minnesotans will see no functional changes, as a state Supreme Court case has already protected the right to an abortion for about 25 years. House Democrats continue to work to pass a suite of other bills that would repeal an assortment of restrictions placed on abortion services.

Driver’s Licenses for All

This past Monday, the bill to allow Minnesotans who lack proof of legal residency to get a driver’s license passed off the House floor. A lengthy debate included several amendments aimed at preventing undocumented immigrants from improperly registering to vote using driver’s licenses, but no such amendments were adopted.

Paid Family & Medical Leave

The Paid Family & Medical Leave bill, which would require employers of a certain size to offer at least 12 weeks of paid leave to employees, continues to rapidly progress through its House and Senate committee stops. As one of legislative leadership’s top priorities, this bill is scheduled to be heard in several more committees in each chamber next week. As the bill progresses, employer voices have begun to break through into the legislature’s consciousness—it appears likely that the bill will be amended significantly before it makes its way to a vote.

2022 Election Fundraising

This week, 2022 campaign fundraising totals were released, showing the DFL vastly outspent Republicans across the board. Governor Tim Walz’s reelection campaign spent $9.8 million to opponent Dr. Scott Jensen’s $5.5 million, while outside groups funneled nearly $62 million into state elections on both sides. The Minnesota DFL out-raised the Minnesota GOP more than 18 to 1.

February 3, 2023