Cannabis Takes a Big Step Forward

Whew! This week has been a marathon for Capitol watchers. We decided to send today’s update a bit later than usual to accommodate the Senate’s vote on legislation to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. The bill passed the Senate this afternoon by a vote of 34-33. This follows passage in the House earlier this week. The bill will now head to conference committee to work out final details.

Tax Bills Finally Take Shape

While the House released its tax bill (H.F. 1938) last week, the Senate didn’t make its proposal public until earlier this week. Following several hours of debate and numerous amendments, the House passed its bill late Thursday. The Senate is expected to vote on Tuesday. Due to some differences in the bills, it will go to conference committee following Senate passage.

Budget Bills in Conference

All of the budget bills have now been passed by the House and Senate. Conferees have been appointed to most committees and many will have their first meetings on Monday. Senate Information has created a helpful website for finding information on the various omnibus bills.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Also Advances

In spite of continued concerns from the business community, both the House and Senate have completed committee hearings on the Paid Family and Medical Leave legislation. The House is expected to vote on the legislation on Tuesday, with the Senate to follow.

Mere Three Weeks (or so)

As we’ve stated before, the Legislature is required to finish its work by May 22, which is now just a little over three weeks away. While much work has happened, very little has actually been completed as compared to what needs to be done. Before the legislative session adjourns, the following is expected to be done:

  • All budget bills passed;
  • Tax bill passed;
  • Bonding bill(s) passed;
  • Various omnibus policy bills passed;
  • Cannabis legalization passed; and
  • Paid family and medical leave passed.

April 28, 2023