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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be expensive and time consuming, and results are public, but there are alternative methods for resolving disputes which may be less costly, more efficient, and private. The key is finding a neutral who will commit the time and attention necessary to resolve even the most difficult and challenging disputes. Our team of trained and experienced Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) attorneys serve as neutrals in arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation and other methods of dispute resolution.  They have completed the required training to be included on the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Roster of Qualified Neutrals in their designated fields.

Our Approach

Our neutrals come to the discussion fully prepared,  to work effectively and creatively with all parties and their attorneys.  Our neutrals want to know your case and your positions, and to be certain the parties know their respective interests have been recognized and addressed.

As trained and experienced advocates, our neutrals bring a deep and complete understanding of the process from all perspectives. Our professionals understand the strategies and viewpoints used by both neutrals and advocates, thus providing a multi-dimensional approach. In addition, our neutrals have extensive experience with a wide range of business disputes, including real estate, trusts and estates, employment, healthcare, insurance, construction, manufacturing, and banking/ lender liability, giving them a head start in understanding the legal issues at the core of the dispute.


Mediation is an effective voluntary dispute resolution tool through which the qualified neutral (mediator) facilitates a discussion and process designed to resolve the dispute.  Mediators do not make any decisions as to the outcome of the dispute, and do not adjudicate issues. Instead, mediators utilize strategies that explore the interests of the parties to help them find practical, win-win solutions where possible. Our team of skilled mediators have experience resolving disputes in and out of the courtroom, and work to guide the parties through the negotiation process without the substantial expense, publicity, or uncertainty of a public trial.


Sometimes disputes cannot be settled, and must be decided. In the arbitration process, the role of the qualified neutral (arbitrator) is more like a judge that conducts a hearing or trial , reviews evidence and testimony, and then makes a decision, which, if the parties agree, is binding. An arbitration may be mandated in an agreement or policy, and can be completed much more quickly than a trial through the court system. Our qualified neutrals have the training and experience to clearly and fairly hear and analyze the evidence and testimony, and find a fair, final, and speedy resolution to the matter.

Our Team of Qualified Neutrals

David M. Aafedt (qualified for all ADR processes)
Jeffrey R. Ansel (qualified for all ADR processes)
Thomas H. Boyd (qualified for mediation)
Aimée D. Dayhoff (qualified for mediation)
Tammera R. Diehm (qualified for mediation)
Laura A. Pfeiffer (qualified for all ADR processes)


  • Business Disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Employment
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking/Lender Liability