Mary Susan Gerber and Tim Sitzmann are presenting a CLE at the MIPLA Stampede CLE Program & Annual Meeting May 2, 2024. Their session is titled, “Trademark Searches and Clearance Analyses in a Global and Internet-Intensive Marketplace.”

This session will provide a primer on trademark clearance strategies, as well as specific considerations for clients with a significant international reach or meaningful commercial presence on the Internet. The presentation will provide practical insights to assist in-house and outside counsel in developing a consistent strategy that fits their clients’ needs (and budget). It will also discuss some of the unique considerations and strategies for clearance searches for mobile app products, SaaS solutions, and similar industries that are heavily dependent on the Internet for advertising and sales, as well as the extent to which clearance search strategies should include consideration of trademark rights outside of the United States and the effects of the Supreme Court’s recent Abitron decision.