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Shareholder Disputes

Partnership and Shareholder disputes often combine sensitive personal issues with complicated legal and financial ones. Whether we are representing minority owners, majority owners, or the company, itself, our attorneys combine a deep understanding of the law with a strong command of the financial issues that affect businesses and balance sheets. We know that some legal solutions do not always amount to practical business solutions, and if both elements are not properly addressed, shareholder and partnership disputes can lead to the demise of an otherwise successful company. By utilizing the depth of our team’s experience in successfully managing shareholder disputes, coupled with our ability to navigate through complex business and financial issues, our attorneys will help you reach an outcome that will ultimately meet your personal and business objectives.

Our Approach

When you have worked side-by-side with your partners to build a successful business, it can be an emotional shock when a dispute arises that cannot simply be talked out. We represent shareholders and closely held businesses in resolving disputes, either through negotiation or, when necessary, litigation, all the way through trial. We also know that a glance a company’s financial statements does not tell the whole story, and we know how to ask the difficult questions to find out whether your partners have been treating you, and the company, fairly. Because of our deep experience and the number of shareholder disputes we have successfully managed, our lawyers are skilled at identifying issues that may arise, discovering issues that are not readily apparent, and helping owners and companies either navigate around potential disputes or efficiently resolve the disputes they have already encountered.


  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Minority rights disputes
  • Waste or mistreatment of company assets
  • Executive compensation
  • Buyout agreements
  • Self-dealing