Whether you are a developer working on your 50th construction project or just starting out on your first, the process can be long, challenging, and include many pitfalls along the way. In this webinar, our team will walk you through the complete life cycle of a construction project through a legal lens. We’ll discuss best practices and potential risks to be aware of at each stage in the construction process, from pre-construction to final hand-off, and resolution of common disputes that may arise in between.

Topics covered include:

  • Pre-construction considerations, such as contractor vetting and price escalation
  • Project administration and documentation that can lead to disputes, such as management transitions, change orders, lien waivers and more
  • Post-construction matters, including warranty issues, punch lists, and rights and remedies in the event of a breach

Panelists include:

  • John Holper
  • Christina Rieck Loukas
  • Michael Obermueller
  • Samantha Carmickle
  • Peter Economou
  • Olga Tymouch (Moderator)

May 3, 2023