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Gruman v. Investors Diversified Services, Inc.; Unity Investors Limited Partnership v. Lindberg; and more.

Peter Economou and Christina Rieck Loukas will be presenting at Minnesota CLE’s The Real Estate 60 on March 27, 2024. Their presentation is titled, “Gruman v. Investors Diversified Services, Inc.; Unity Investors Limited Partnership v. Lindberg; and more.” Do you know the most important cases in real estate law? Are you sure? This course is your ...

March 27, 2024

Client Alert

Minnesota’s Revamped Landlord-Tenant Laws: Top 10 Things All Residential Landlords Should Know

By: Peter G. Economou and Christina Rieck Loukas

On January 1, 2024, numerous amendments to Minnesota’s landlord-tenant statute (Minn. Stat. § 504B) went into effect. The changes affect virtually all residential landlord-tenant leasing relationships and disputes in the State of Minnesota, and require careful attention from all residential landlords who lease properties in Minnesota. The changes to Minnesota’s landlord-tenant laws are substantial, and ...

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The Office of Cannabis Management Issues 2024 Report to Legislature

Last week, the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) issued its annual report to the Legislature for 2024. When HF100 was signed into law last Spring by Governor Tim Walz, Minnesota became the twenty-third state in the nation to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. Since that time, however, there have been more questions than ...

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Minnesota’s Budding Recreational Cannabis Economy: Top 5 Legal Considerations for Future Shippers and Transporters

By: David M. Aafedt, Peter G. Economou and Gerald H. Fornwald

At long last, Minnesota’s recreational cannabis industry is officially budding. In the early morning hours of May 20, 2023, the Minnesota Senate voted to legalize recreational cannabis by passing a final bill which, once signed by Governor Tim Walz, will operate as the legal framework for Minnesota’s brand-new and heavily regulated recreational cannabis industry. Once ...


Expect the Unexpected: How to Map Out, Manage and Mitigate Risk In Your Construction Project

Whether you are a developer working on your 50th construction project or just starting out on your first, the process can be long, challenging, and include many pitfalls along the way. In this webinar, our team will walk you through the complete life cycle of a construction project through a legal lens. We’ll discuss best ...

May 3, 2023

Client Alert

Minnesota’s Newest State Agency – the Office of Cannabis Management

This is the first post of many to analyze Minnesota’s recreational adult use cannabis legislation. Authors: David M. Aafedt, Gerald H. Fornwald, Peter G. Economou We are within days of adult recreational cannabis officially becoming a law here in the North Star State.[1] Competing bills have woven their way through dozens of committees in both ...

Client Alert

5 Things to Consider as the Minnesota Legislature Decides the Future of Cannabis

With the Minnesota House passing its version of an adult-use cannabis bill this week, and the Minnesota Senate scheduled to debate—and potentially vote on—its own bill, here are 5 things to keep your eye on. 1. Differences are Narrowing.  In their original forms, the House and Senate bills were dramatically different, with some describing the ...

Client Alert

COVID, Commercial Leases and the Acceleration Clause

By: Peter G. Economou

The COVID-19 pandemic hit commercial landlords and tenants hard. Many Minnesota businesses experienced a steep decline in revenue and, as a result, have been unable to either make their monthly rent payments or collect on the same. Today, businesses with leased, store-front locations are still struggling to make ends meet. One of the first consequences ...

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