The MIPLA Education Committee, including Winthrop & Weinstine’s Mary Susan Gerber, is excited to share with you the opportunity to attend a complimentary CLE on February 20 entitled “International Patent Drafting Strategies for AI-related Applications.” The CLE will cover patent application drafting strategies for AI-related applications,  and will include three 30-minute presentations from speakers practicing in Europe, the USA, and China, respectively.

This is not another ChatGPT discussion, and we hope that hearing from international associates will help you in your US practice as our clients request IP protection related to AI on a global scale. Our speakers will present some of their drafting strategies for patent applications filed with the USPTO, the EPO, and the CNIPA. Afterwards, we will host a moderated Q&A with the presenters. Log on ready for discussion!

Nadeem Schwen will be participating on the panel. With more than 10 years of experience in data privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and intellectual property matters, Mr. Schwen takes a practical and solution-oriented approach to helping his clients navigate complex legal issues. His background in computer engineering further enables him to develop a deep understanding of the relevant technology, and he also serves as Data Protection Officer for a number of companies. Mr. Schwen currently serves as cochair of the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and he is a regular speaker and author on data privacy and security topics.