Winthrop Attorney’s Nadeem Schwen and Lisa Ellingson authored a chapter in A Practical Guide to Remote & Hybrid Workplaces. This new First Edition of A Practical Guide to Remote and Hybrid Workplaces was written as a resource for employers examining how to approach and manage the new way of working recently emerging in many workplaces, with more employees than ever working in remote or hybrid positions.

Their chapter, “Overcoming Data Security and Privacy Challenges in the Hybrid Workplace,” examines the following:

  • The Hybrid Workplace Presents New Data Security and Privacy Challenges
  • “Bring Your Own Device” Policies Help Minimize Security Risks From Use of Personal Devices
  • Voice-Enabled Devices in the Home Increase Privacy and Security Risks; Law Firms and Attorneys Face Additional Security and Privacy Requirements to Keep Client Information Safe
  • A Comprehensive Written Information Security Program Can Help Identify and Eliminate Risks; Transitioning to Remote Work Requires Revaluation of Vendor Relationships
  • Ongoing Training for Remote Employees is Critical to Maintaining Privacy and Security

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May 23, 2022