Megan Miller will co-presenting a webinar sponsored by Mitchell Hamline School of Law, entitled “Everything You Wanted to Know About the PCT but Were Afraid to Ask.”

The objective of this CLE webinar is to demystify the PCT – an essential but cumbersome treaty-based system – and help participants become better PCT practitioners. Based on the presenters’ own experience and drawing from their 2023 book, The Practitioner’s Guide to the PCT, published by the ABA-IPL, the webinar will take participants through the various stages of the PCT process, with examples, strategies, tips on avoiding pitfalls, and the questions that need to be addressed to move from one stage to the next.

Topics will include: when and why to use the PCT; filing challenges and choices; the international search process and what to do about it; what to do when circumstances change or things go wrong; and how to optimize moving from the international to the national stage.


Megan M. Miller received her JD degree from Mitchell Hamline and is an attorney at Winthrop and Weinstine, P.A. in Minneapolis.

Jay Erstling is former Director of the Office of the PCT at WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland, and a Professor Emeritus at Mitchell Hamline.