Winthrop attorney Tom Boyd and Kyle Kroll recently edited two chapters in the newest edition of the Eighth Circuit Appellate Practice Manual, designed to be a primary resource for attorneys representing clients in its namesake jurisdiction.  Written with an eye for comprehensiveness and edited to serve as a quick reference tool, the manual offers indispensable aid, both in the office and the courtroom itself.

Tom’s chapter, “Eighth Circuit Basics,” includes highlights such as: The Eighth Circuit Defined; Clerk’s Office; Procedures of General Applicability; Decisionmakers, Panels, and Related Issues; Biographical Information on Current Eighth Circuit Judges; Supporting Legal Personnel and Resources; Circuit Administration; Judicial Conference.

Kyle’s chapter, “Rules, Precedents, and Related Issues,” includes: Federal Rules and Laws of Practice and Procedure; Choice Between Federal Procedure and State Law; Federal Law Precedents; State Law Precedents and Related Issues; Law of the Case; Application of New Law on Appeal. This chapter was co-edited by Adam Hansen.

Read more about the Eighth Circuit Appellate Practice Manual here.

August 24, 2022