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MSPBJ Leadercast Women: How Leaders Shift Gears for Success

As Firm President, Tami Diehm was asked to participate in, “MSPBJ Leadercast Women: How Leaders Shift Gears for Success,” an event composed of exceptional female leaders who will share their insights, experience and perspectives on how to be a leader worth following. Change is constant. Nothing ever goes quite as we planned. If we didn’t ...

U.S. Bank Stadium
401 Chicago Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Friday, December 3, 2021

8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

2021 Real Estate Institute

The 2021 Real Estate Institute hosted by Minnesota CLE is the premier real estate conference in the nation. That reputation is built on more than 30 years of outstanding annual program line-ups, educating thousands of real estate lawyers and professionals from Minnesota and across the Upper Midwest. Tami Diehm, Jon Hoganson and Katie Johnson have ...

November 11 - 12, 2021


Leading A Growth Orientated Organization: Opportunities In 2022 And Beyond

Winthrop & Weinstine Firm President and Shareholder Tami Diehm participated in a panel discussion hosted by The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal about leading a growth-oriented organization and the opportunities the panel sees in 2022 and beyond. Other panelists included Dave Faust, president and CEO of Platinum Bank; Jeff Bajek, chief credit officer at Platinum Bank; ...


Purchase Agreement Defaults: Rights, Remedies and Creative Solutions

Real estate attorneys Tammera Diehm and Katherine Johnson will present “Purchase Agreement Defaults: Rights, Remedies and Creative Solutions” at a seminar hosted by Minnesota CLE on July 21, 2021. In this session, Tami and Katie will provide an overview of options and opportunities for both buyers and sellers when one party breaches a purchase agreement. ...

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

9:00 AM– 10:15 AM CT
Client Alert

Legislative Top 5: June 25, 2021

Budget Work Continues in Special Session The Legislature has been meeting in special session for two weeks. Twelve budget bills must be passed and signed into law by the end of the month in order to avoid a full or partial government shutdown. Of these, only five bills have been passed by both the House ...

Client Alert

Legislative Top 5: June 18, 2021

Special Session Begins, Peacetime Emergency Continues The legislature began a special session on Monday, June 14, at noon. Special session was necessary for Governor Tim Walz to extend the state’s peacetime emergency due to COVID-19. As has happened numerous times since the peacetime emergency first began, House Republicans brought forward a resolution to terminate it. ...

Client Alert

Legislative Top 5: June 11, 2021

440 Days The Minnesota State Capitol opened its doors to the public on Thursday for the first time since closing them last March due to the pandemic. Our client, The Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH) was the first advocacy group to hold a press conference in the building. MARRCH called ...

Client Alert

Legislative Top 5: May 28, 2021

Budget Work Continues Today marks the day that Governor Tim Walz and legislative leaders gave committees to finalize budget allocations for their respective jurisdictions. Capitol insiders are not surprised that many committees will miss today’s deadline. From the outset, several committee chairs privately indicated that they viewed the deadline as aspirational rather than a set ...

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Legislative Top 5: May 21, 2021

A Budget Deal! As expected, Minnesota’s regular legislative session ended on Monday without passage of the state’s next biennial budget. However, Governor Tim Walz and legislative leaders announced that day that they had reached a broad global agreement on the budget. The global agreement includes how funds will be allocated between different state agencies, how ...

Client Alert

Legislative Top 5: May 14, 2021

Seventeen With three days before the end of the regular legislative session and no global budget agreement on the horizon, only seventeen bills have passed both the House and Senate and been sent to Governor Tim Walz for his signature. In one such case, Winthrop lobbyists worked on behalf of a client to pass a ...

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Legislative Top 5: May 7, 2021

Serious Negotiations The Minnesota legislative session is required to end within ten days. At the beginning of the week, legislative leaders announced that they had given themselves a goal of having a broad global agreement on key issues and budget targets by Friday (today). Following such an agreement, conference committees would need to finalize details ...

Client Alert

Legislative Top 5: April 30, 2021

And the Census Says… Minnesota found out this week that it will keep all eight congressional seats. It has been hypothesized for decades that Minnesota was likely to lose a seat, but we have continued to hold on to it. However, this year was likely the closest margin yet. If New York had counted an ...

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