Tony Moch and Amber Kraemer will be speaking at ICBA Live on March 14-17, 2024. On March 14, they will present, “Navigating Difficult Board and Officer Strategy Decisions.”

Discover strategies for decision making both in difficult situations as well as strategic decisions in organizational planning. We’ll provide an overview of existing roles and responsibilities of directors and officers of the bank, the fiduciary and legal duties associated with those roles and how those should be applied as part of an overall sound decision making process for the bank. Additionally, you’ll learn principles to guide strategic decision making with time for questions and discussion on how to apply strategies in real life situations at participants’ organizations.

On March 16, they will present, “Capital Strategies to Keep Your Bank Independent — Options to Address Shareholder Liquidity and Other Factors Driving Forced Bank Sales.”

In the fast-paced financial environment of today, it is crucial for bank boards and owners to possess effective strategies to provide liquidity to shareholders and maintain independence in order to avoid a forced sale. To achieve this, bank boards and owners must gain a comprehensive understanding of a variety of strategies that cater specifically to the unique requirements of privately held organizations. Learn how to implement effective strategies and safeguard your bank’s independence. You can not only prosper in an ever-changing financial landscape but also steer clear of any forced sales.

For more information and to register, please visit the event website.