Real estate attorney  Todd Urness has been honored as an “Outstanding Director” by Twin Cities Business for his dedication and exceptional work in the course of his service on the Bridgewater Bank Board of Directors. TCB profiled Todd and his fellow Outstanding Directors in the October 2018 issue, highlighting the honorees’ “hard work and expert guidance” in the board room.

Todd Urness has served on the Bridgewater Bank Board of Directors since the bank’s launch in 2005. TCB noted that “as a CPA and an attorney, Urness…knows how to manage the financial as well as the legal ins and outs of real estate,” which is just what the bank needed in its commercial real estate focus. Todd’s guidance in the complexities of affordable housing tax credits soon made affordable housing “one of the bank’s growth engines.” His leadership and advice helped Bridgewater through the 2008 financial crisis, and Todd credits the entire Bridgewater board for encouraging the bank’s founders to keep lending and attracting capital.

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September 28, 2018