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William (WIll) J. Schumacher

I’m not just a bankruptcy attorney – my goal is to solve my clients' problems.

My Approach

Bankruptcy can sound like a scary word, but I believe it to be one of the most ingenious and hopeful aspects of law in the United States. This set of rules allows companies and individuals to restructure and move on from debt – it allows a fresh start, rather than closed doors. The Bankruptcy Code helps businesses preserve jobs, keep employees, and shift gears and still contribute to society – even creditors’ often end up better positioned through the restructuring process, and I appreciate working in an area that helps businesses achieve a second chance.

I enjoy working in code-based law like bankruptcy – it provides a strong framework for debtors, creditors, and other stakeholders to achieve either consensual or court ordered resolutions that generally optimize economic outcomes in a distressed situation. I bring solutions and creative options to my clients, to help them obtain the best possible outcome from less-than-ideal situations. I also work to ensure these solutions make sense for my clients and their business objectives – I’ll never advise pursuing a major, expensive litigation when the issue can be resolved much more efficiently through collegial, informal outreach to the opposing party.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time at the lake with my family, paddleboarding and generally being in the water. I also have two Border Collies, and together we have taken up sheepherding (which sometimes results in car-herding, too).

Practice Areas

Bold Perspectives


Will Texas Two-Step Remain Part of Restructuring's Mass Tort Dance Routine

Turnaround Management Association, July/August 2022


Associations & Memberships

American Bankruptcy Institute