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Miriam I.P. (Mimi) Solomon

Litigation is not just about the law – it’s telling the story of how the facts and the law meet.

My Approach

I love to knit, and I see a lot of similarities between my litigation practice and knitting: we tie facts together to form a complete story, follow threads to identify where issues started, and detangle huge knots – sometimes uncovering even more knots.

In my year of clerking at the U.S. District Court in Minnesota, I was fortunate to experience first-hand the level of complexity that businesses face in dealing with matters that go to litigation, as well as the level of care that attorneys show for their clients in their advocacy of their causes. That experience reinforced for me that I had made the right choice to become a litigation attorney. I love chasing down those loose threads and unraveling those knots, with all the determination and persistence necessary to earn the trust that clients put in me.

Outside of work, I also love taking my daughter to the playground, reading and watching movies with my husband.

Practice Areas

Bold Perspectives


Tax, Spend, & Prevent Discrimination: Why Title IX’s Passage Under the Spending Clause Holds the Answer to a Quarter-Century Long Circuit Split