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Madeline A. James

Renewable energy is the way of the future, and I love having a role in shaping that future.

My Approach

I love to learn – it’s one of the traits that brought me to law school in the first place – and I approach all of my work from a place of curiosity.  I strive to continue learning about my clients, their businesses, and their industry in order to best represent their interests. I work to build personal connections with clients, which helps me better understand their goals, and ultimately find ways within the law to achieve them.

Outside of work, I have two dogs who I love dearly, and enjoy taking them for walks along the Minnehaha Creek or Lake Nokomis. I also enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding, reading non-fiction books and mystery novels, and watching old Hollywood movies.

Practice Areas

Bold Perspectives


Child Labor in Your Closet: Efficacy of Disclosure Legislation and a New Way Forward to Fight Child Labor in Fast Fashion Supply Chains