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Michelle D. DiVita

We can talk all day about different options, but the numbers have to add up.

My Approach

I am driven by curiosity—about my clients and their businesses, current market and economic forces, and potential changes in the future—and I work to compile all available information to assess the risk and financial impact of any decision.  In my role as an advisor to my clients, much of it boils down to issue spotting, problem solving, and executing the most strategic course of action under the circumstances.

Before attending law school I worked in corporate finance and I appreciate the background that gave me in representing my clients. My practical experience allows me to see the big picture of what the law can do to achieve business goals and how to communicate complex ideas in simple terms.

When I’m not working, I have been practicing making my grandmother’s pasta sauce (though I suspect she has some secret ingredients that aren’t written in the recipe), and enjoy playing golf and reading. My biggest hobby, though, is trading cryptocurrency – it’s a real passion!

Groundbreaking moment in my career

During my second week as a Legal Associate in a large accounting firm, the Supreme Court released a groundbreaking decision that entirely shook up my area of tax law. It impacted every business and became an uncertain time for most of our clients. It was both exciting to be in the midst of the law developing, and also gain experience in using the law to help our clients’ businesses.

Practice Areas