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Lauren M. Gunderson

Deals move quickly – I hit the ground running to achieve clients’ goals.

My Approach

In my work with clients on commercial lending transactions, I approach each aspect as a puzzle – the individual pieces themselves are familiar, and may even have similar qualities to a previous transaction, but each one fits together in a different way with a different picture at the end. I love working with the details to make sure everything lines up in a way that makes for a smooth process for clients.

I also understand that, even on the smoothest transaction, there can still be a great deal of stress and external demands on clients, and I do all I can to alleviate those for them. I believe it’s crucial to have empathy for the people on all sides of a transaction – not only does it help the end goal be more attainable, but it also makes the processes more enjoyable along the way.

Outside of work, I love travelling, and trying new restaurants and coffee shops. I didn’t drink coffee until law school, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

Practice Areas