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Catrina M. Mairose

Everyone has different strengths they bring to the table.

My Approach

I love working as an integral part of a team and figuring out how my strengths and skills can work in tandem with others and their skills to achieve our goals together. In many ways, it’s similar to assembling a tax credit deal – managing many unique pieces and fitting them together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In my previous career, I worked as Chief of Staff for a state regulatory board, which taught me the value of building relationships and creating mutually beneficial agreements, even when it seems the parties have opposing goals. I was able to hone my communication skills and learn the importance of viewing a situation with both a wide and a narrow lens. I apply these lessons to my work in real estate finance every day by respecting the minute details while not losing sight of the forest for the trees.

Outside of work, my partner and I are renovating our 115-year old home, while living in it, which takes careful coordination, a bit of creativity, and a lot of patience. I have two dogs who love to visit breweries and go on road trips. I also really enjoy baking bread, even though the perfect French baguette still eludes me.

Practice Areas