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Alexander L. Bly

There’s No Deal That Cannot Be Closed With Hard Work and Creative Solutions.

My Approach

As a blue collar kid, working hard for what I wanted was the only way for me to succeed. This meant working multiple jobs at a time from high school through law school, including starting and operating a lawncare, landscaping and snow removal business with my best friend (and later best man in my wedding). While running our business, attending school full time, and holding jobs from janitor to barista, I encountered hundreds of problems all with the same solution; work harder and figure it out.

That lesson and those experiences shape how I show up for our clients in my practice. I understand the pressure of facing insurmountable odds when failure is not an option. Our clients operate in an incredibly complex industry where you do not need to look far to find problems to solve. Bond deadlines get tight, financing gaps arise, and there is no shortage of terms to negotiate. Include real estate issues and the pragmatics of closing when the document list hits triple digits and one may start to wonder why anyone would sign up to do this. However, our clients step up to the plate and take on these challenges every day and I pride myself on doing whatever it takes to be right alongside them, because I have been there before and know what it’s like. There’s no joy like closing a difficult transaction, but it’s not just about getting deal done, it’s about providing stable housing for families and bolstering communities.

Outside of work, I spend every second I can with my wife and our friends. We love to have our heart broken by whatever Minnesota sports team is playing at the time. In the rare event I am alone and not working, I am almost certainly reading a book or listening to a podcast, mainly about World War I.

Practice Areas