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Parth S. Deshmukh

Seeking synergies creatively and executing them meticulously.

My Approach

I love the collaborative nature of transactional work, with parties on opposite sides of the table working towards a common goal.  I’ve always had an analytical streak about me, and enjoy assessing a problem, planning the best way to tackle it, breaking it down and methodically working through each next step. The creativity and keen attention needed to craft water-tight agreements suits my nature perfectly, and I feel lucky to be able to use those skills to the benefit of clients. I believe that if you look closely, there is almost no challenge that presents itself as a zero-sum game.

I began my legal education in India, successfully completing the J.D. equivalent, with an emphasis on business law. When I moved to the United States, despite having a law degree from India, I pursued a J.D. to gain a full understanding of the U.S. legal system. Moving to Minnesota from India was startling at first – shorts and flip-flops were all I knew – but I have grown to love Minneapolis and Minnesota as a whole, and can safely call it home.

Outside of work, I’m a die-hard Arsenal fan, and love playing and watching soccer whenever I can, though cricket was my first love. I also enjoy absorbing YouTube videos on essentially any topic – geopolitics, history, cooking – I love continuing to learn.

Practice Areas

Bold Perspectives


De-operationalization of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution

De-operationalization of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution