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Benjamin J. Klassen

I don’t get hung up on issues – I work through them and march toward closing.

My Approach

I’m not like the lawyers you see on television, nor do I want to be. I value communication, collaboration, and keeping an eye on the big picture when working on transactions. My clients want deals done – and it is my job to balance risk, finances, and an understanding of their businesses and goals to make sure we structure the transaction in a way that works well for the client. I coordinate with all parties involved in a transaction to keep things moving, while still pushing hard for my client and focusing on the important issues in every deal.

With my MBA and business background, I approach every transaction from a practical standpoint that reflects what my client’s goals, to help us move forward in a strategic and efficient manner.

A Groundbreaking Moment in my Career

My client was expanding a new state and asked me to prepare an agreement for a distributor. We had used a form agreement for other states, but I recommended that we look at making a significant change to the structure of the deal given my client’s recent expansion and changes to business strategy. My recommendation involved a trade-off between my client’s contract rights –flexibility and control with respect to the distribution relationship – versus the tax treatment. I presented the decision point, outlining the benefits and the downside, and my client called for a change. I worked with their CPA to get the contract right, and my client saved cash that was put right back to work in the business. I realized that I need to stay fresh in my approach as my clients’ needs change – at the pace business moves in the current climate, I need to present the decision points that matter in a way that can help my clients make decisions quickly.

Practice Areas