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Brian W. Kensicki

Even on opposite sides of the table, we’re working towards the same goal: getting the deal closed.

My Approach

Whether I am representing a private equity firm, closely held, family business or a publicly traded company in an M&A transaction, I help usher that client through a significant life or business event.  Recognizing the importance of the transaction, my job is to review, negotiate, and advise them on all facets of the transaction in a way that is detailed and efficient yet conveyed to them in an organized and logical manner.  I also understand the importance of relationships and personal dynamics and how they may impact a transaction.  With that in mind, I always make it a goal to maintain a good, working rapport with all involved, including opposing counsel.  It’s my belief that the better you treat someone the more easily you will be able to negotiate with that person.

One of the aspects of M&A deals I enjoy the most is the nuances required.  There’s a very technical aspect to every transaction and the transaction documents.  Being able to understand the big picture goals of the client, focus on the tiniest of transaction details and making sure they all work together with no errors or inconsistencies is so rewarding to me.  It’s like putting together a puzzle and making sure every piece fits exactly as it should.  At the end of the day, that’s why clients rely on me.  It needs to be perfect.  Every time.  No exceptions.

Lately, outside of work, I’ve taken up skateboarding with my kids. It’s as hard as it looks, but is a ton of fun. I also enjoy reading and sitting in front of a campfire, preferably in the state of Wyoming.

A Groundbreaking Moment in my Career

While in undergrad, I worked in a hospital as I prepared to go to medical school. Every week, I transported a cancer patient to and from chemotherapy. At first, he was always positive and upbeat, but as time went on his positivity waned. His health continued to get worse until one day I showed up and he did not. He passed away. His death hit me hard, and I left the hospital and didn’t come back. What I learned from that experience, is the importance of developing meaningful relationships. I knew I needed to be in a role where I could do that, and I am grateful that the law gives me the opportunity do so.

Practice Areas

Bold Perspectives


Professional Development Session

Financial Executives International. 06.28.2017

Honors & Awards

Rising Stars

Minnesota Law & Politics, 2006-2007

Associations & Memberships

American Bar Association

Minnesota State Bar Association

Hennepin County Bar Association