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Estate Planning & Business Succession Planning

Protecting Your Assets Now & in the Future

At Winthrop & Weinstine, we know that the future isn't 100 percent predictable, which is all the more reason to talk to our Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning practice area experts.

Our business succession and estate planning attorneys can give you a sophisticated outlook of the future whether you are concerned about wealth preservation or structuring the transfer of a closely-held business. We represent individuals and fiduciaries, including trust companies, in estate and trust administration before the Court and in tax audits and litigation. We also advise clients regarding insurance, employee benefits and real estate as they relate to estate and business planning for themselves and their family members.

Our clients don't ask to see what we've done for them lately because we are always up front with them about planning the future. Winthrop & Weinstine can provide assistance and advice on:

Estate and gift planning: Wills, trusts (all types), family limited partnerships (and similar entities), life insurance planning and trusts, strategies for minimizing transfer taxes (estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes), generation-skipping planning, asset ownership allocation, beneficiary designations, disclaimers, powers of attorney (durable and healthcare), living wills, marital and nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and tax return compliance.

Estate and trust administration: Estate administration, trust administration, conservatorships and guardianships, income tax planning and return compliance (for estates, trusts and beneficiaries), asset distribution and transfer, trust estate accountings.

Estate and trust litigation: Will and trust interpretation and contests, representation of personal representatives, trustees, beneficiaries and creditors, breach of trust claims, fiduciary obligation compliance, resolution of creditor claims, probate court and trust proceedings.

Family-owned business succession: Coordination of the business succession plan and the estate plan, succession plans involving family participants and non-participants, buy-sell agreements, compensation and benefit planning, non-compete agreements, ESOPs.

Asset-protection planning: Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, special and supplemental needs trusts, asset protection trusts (domestic and international), medicaid planning, and fraudulent transfer avoidance planning.

Tax planning, preparation and compliance: Estate tax returns, gift tax returns, trust and estate income tax returns, tax planning and advice, estate and gift tax audits.

Retirement benefits planning: Mandatory distribution rules, taxation of distributions, maximizing employer-sponsored benefits, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs.

Charitable giving: Structuring and establishing lifetime gifts, bequests, charitable trusts, charitable or non-profit corporations, private foundations, donor-advised funds, charitable and conservation easements.

Educational planning: State tuition programs, saving programs, education IRAs, exclusion gifts for education.

This list is not exhaustive, but merely reflects the wide range of legal services we provide to our clients. It's what they've come to expect and demand. Contact us today for more information.





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