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Protecting Your Rights in the Business World

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., brings decades of experience and a thorough knowledge to this complex and high-stakes practice area of antitrust laws and trade regulation litigation.  From civil and criminal litigation to counseling and compliance matters, the firm’s antitrust expertise has been successfully employed in an array of industries, including electronics, insurance, food, mortgage banking, consumer products, marine engines and airlines.

On the litigation front, our lawyers handle price-fixing, boycotts, market allocations and monopolization actions, both locally and across the nation.  Of course, we are equally skilled in avoiding the litigation arena altogether through the development of creative solutions to distribution and pricing challenges for clients both large and small.

Our antitrust representation and advice to businesses covers a wide variety of contexts, including:

  • Private antitrust actions
  • Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice investigations and enforcement proceedings
  • State antitrust investigations
  • Robinson/Patman Act/price discrimination
  • Antitrust exemptions and regulated markets
  • Antitrust and intellectual property
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Pre-merger notification
  • Vertical restraints and distribution arrangements
  • Joint ventures, strategic alliances and other business strategies

Illustrative Case Cites & Other Representations:

  • Go-Video Inc. v. The Motion Picture Association of America, et al.  The firm represented a Korean electronics manufacturer against boycott allegations.  Summary judgment was obtained at the close of discovery.
  • In re Bulk Popcorn Antitrust Litigation.  The firm defended the nation’s largest bulk popcorn producer against price-fixing and territorial allocation charges.  Following pre-trial proceedings, a favorable settlement was reached.
  • KK Motors, et al. v. Brunswick Corp.  A $30 million settlement was achieved on behalf of boat-builder clients, based on claims of monopolization in the stern drive marine engine market.
  • Midwest Machinery Co., et al. v. Northwest Airlines, Inc.  This action was brought on behalf of a class of air travelers challenging the 1986 merger of Northwest Airlines and Republic Airlines.
  • State of Minnesota v. Saapi, Ltd., et al.  The State challenged a business sale based on asserted violations of the Minnesota antitrust statutes.  Summary judgment was granted, and all claims dismissed with prejudice.
  • A federal investigation into the pricing practices of a national consumer products business was successfully defended with the issuance of a “no action” letter.
  • In re Workers’ Compensation Insurance Antitrust Litigation.  The firm obtained a favorable, negotiated resolution on behalf of a leading insurance carrier.
  • Cardinal IG, et al. v. PPG Corp., et al. The firm represented a major window manufacturer in a now settled price-fixing action.





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