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Business Law Series: IP Issues Business Lawyers Should Watch for in 2014
Winthrop & Weinstine attorneys Stephen R. BairdCraig S. KrummenDevan V. Padmanabhan and Jeffrey R. Stone will present "Business Law Series: IP Issues Business Lawyers Should Watch for in 2014" on February 5, 2014, as part of the Minnesota CLE Intellectual Property Series. 

The majority of most businesses' value is their intellectual property, whether that be patents, trademarks, or trade secrets. That world of IP has changed dramatically over the last several years. Our expert panel will discuss what those changes are, and what the modern business lawyer needs to be aware of to protect their business clients’ IP interests. 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Strategies
  • Trade Secret Strategies
  • Design Patent Strategies
  • Business Method Patent Developments
  • Patentable Subject Matter
  • Patent Troll Legislation
  • Trademark Bullying Update
  • Domain Name & Internet Update
  • Copyright Developments
  • Trademark & Advertising Law Update

For more information or to view the live webcast, please click here.

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