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Dean D. Willer Gives Legal Advice to Upsize 2013 Growth Challenge Winners
Emerging Companies attorney Dean D. Willer offers Upsize’s Growth Challenge winners advice on how to grow their businesses. The Growth Challenge is a contest created by Upsize magazine, and presented by Winthrop & Weinstine, to match business owners with industry experts to reach their business goals. This year’s Growth Challenge winners were AutoData Systems and Cheryl Alexander & Associates. Dean offers advice and suggestions to the CEOs of the winning companies, including on the importance of focusing just on the most important, highest-level activities, rather than wearing all the hats in the company.

Ewen, Beth. "Next Up." Upsize August/September 2013: 14-19.
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Dean D. Willer Gives Legal Advice to <i>Upsize</i> 2013 Growth Challenge Winners
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