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Structuring Trademark Clearance Opinions
Stephen R. Baird, Intellectual Property attorney, served as a panelist on the Strafford national webinar "Structuring Trademark Clearance Opinions" on September 11, 2013. The webinar provided guidance to trademark counsel on conducting, analyzing and using trademark searches. The panel discussed overcoming the challenges in the trademark clearance process and outlined best practices for preparing effective clearance opinions.

The panel reviewed:
  • What factors should counsel consider when analyzing a clearance report?
  • What strategies can counsel use to overcome the challenges posed by the trademark clearance process?
  • What should be included in a trademark opinion letter?
  • How can counsel protect client confidentiality when asserting an advice-of-counsel defense?

For more information or for a recording of the 90-minute CLE webinar, please click here.
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Structuring Trademark Clearance Opinions
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