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John A. Knapp Quoted on Political Ads
Legislative and Regulatory attorney John A. Knapp was quoted by MPR News on December 11, 2012, discussing policy recommendations by Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. The Board would like to increase the amount of information provided regarding fundraising and spending disclosures, requirements for which vary depending on the words used in campaign ads.

"But when it comes to interpretation, enforcing these rules can be troublesome, said John Knapp, an attorney with Winthrop and Weinstine. He said several states have tried to broaden the 'magic words' test, but they haven't been very successful. 'What they're trying to determine is, 'What was the intent of the speaker' ... And when you get into trying to interpret intent in the first amendment context, it gets to be a pretty tricky exercise.'"

Richert, Catharine. "Minn. campaign board may ask for more power over political ads." MPR News. 11 December 2012.
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John A. Knapp Quoted on Political Ads
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