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Video: Stephen R. Baird's Trademark & Brand Talk

Trademark & Brand Management attorney Stephen R. Baird discusses trademark law and brands in a video. During a trip to Boston, Steve gave a talk at the offices of Blackcoffee, a brand management consultancy and brand design agency.

In the video, Steve discusses:
  • Trademark Summary Guide
  • Spectrum of Distinctiveness
  • When to Search and Clear Proposed Brand Names
  • Suggestive and Descriptive Marks
  • Staying on the Right Side of the Line
  • Avoiding Use of the D-Word
  • Scope of Trademark Rights
  • Likelihood of Confusion -- the Test of Trademark Infringement
  • Non-Traditional Trademarks
  • Walther P99 and PPK Handgun Configurations
  • Functionality as a Bar to Trademark Protection

To watch the video, click here.

Special thanks to Blackcoffee for recording and editing this video.
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Video: Stephen R. Baird's Trademark & Brand Talk
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