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Winthrop & Weinstine Helps Local Food Bank Raise Funds

Minneapolis, MN – May 23, 2011
. Have you ever been hungry? Right now in Minnesota, many are, prompting Winthrop & Weinstine to team together with Twin Cities’ food shelf, The Greater Lake Country Food Bank, to raise funds and eliminate hunger.

The Greater Lake Country Food Bank (GLCFB), the area’s first and largest food bank, delivers high quality food to high-rise facilities that house low-income seniors and people with disabilities. Because of the enormous increase in gas prices, the focus of the firm’s campaign is to raise funds for the GLCFB’s delivery vehicles and allow them to continue serving this under-served population.

Winthrop & Weinstine’s campaign included a cookbook, Recipes for Success, which was offered at the annual Women Client Networking Event on May 17, and a donation- and food-drive. The cookbook was created by professional women in the community, as well as attorneys and employees. The cookbook can be purchased by request through the firm’s website at

Established in 1980, the GLCFB is dedicated to serving as a local, affordable food inventory for the community. It is Minnesota’s number one provider of food to low-income seniors and disabled individuals living in the greater Hennepin County area. The organization is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

About The Greater Lake Country Food Bank
Learn more by visiting

Budget Stretcher Store
GLCFB owns and operates a community based, nonprofit food discount store that is open to the public. The store was established to help families and individuals save money on food so they can better afford essential items. The Budget Stretcher Store sells a wide selection of nutritious food items at 20-50% off regular grocery store prices.

Mobile Food Bank
GLCFB's Mobile Food Bank service delivers nutritious and fresh food to 43 Hennepin County high-rise facilities that house low-income seniors and people with disabilities. If you are a HUD registered Section 8 building for low-income seniors and in need of support, please contact help at (612) 340-9694 or
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