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Lobbyist Tom Hanson Discusses Minnesota's "Bonding-to-Create-Jobs" Strategy in Finance & Commerce

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., lobbyist Tom Hanson talks about unspent bonding money with Finance & Commerce. The article, “Unspent bonding money totals $1.2B,” discusses the “bonding-to-create-jobs” strategy. Most bonding projects haven’t been started yet, and that means those projects haven’t created jobs. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has recommended $531 million for bonding for new projects, but as Tom, former commissioner of Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB), says, “We have to be careful not to make it too easy to do $1 billion bonding bills every year…they can be addicting” (qtd. in Johnson).

Click on the link to read the article on Finance & Commerce.

Article Citation
Johnson, Brian. “Unspent bonding money totals $1.2B.” Finance & Commerce. 9 Feb. 2011.
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Lobbyist Tom Hanson Discusses Minnesota's "Bonding-to-Create-Jobs" Strategy in <em>Finance & Commerce</em>
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