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Minnesota Government Update

October 15, 2010

In this issue:

Dear Readers,
Thank you for your support of Winthrop & Weinstine's efforts to bring you the latest Minnesota legislative news. We appreciate your readership. After 15+ years of mailing, faxing & e-mailing the "Minnesota Government Update," it's time for another change.

What's New
In an effort to keep up with how fast we are able to send and receive information in this technologically savvy world we live in, we're publishing our newsletter content on a blog: Very little will change in what type of information we include; the changes that you'll notice are with the design and where you get the information. With the blog platform, we are able to get the latest factual, timely and relevant news and updates to you faster, even while we're in sessions at the Capitol.

How this affects you
If you don't know how a blog functions, no need to worry. Every post—bits of information—will be delivered to your inbox via e-mail. The only changes you will notice will be the e-mail itself and how you see the information. If you're a current subscriber, you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to the post, a webpage on which the now-newsletter information appears. The e-mail and webpage will look different, that's it. Same type of information, only delivered via a different medium.

If you're familiar with how a blog functions, you can still receive an e-mail notification letting you know that a post has gone live. Or, unsubscribe and add us to your RSS reader.

We will be sending out the newsletter for another month, so we can get everyone on-board with the change.

If you have questions or concerns about how you'll receive our updates, feel free to contact our resident tech-savvy marketer, Laura Gutierrez, and she can help you through the process.

Laura Gutierrez
(612) 604-6309

Feel free to visit our pages on the advantages of a blog and how to add an RSS feed to your RSS Reader.

Thank you again for your support of our firm. We appreciate your business and confidence, and look forward to connecting with you on "Inside the Minnesota Capitol."


John A. Knapp
Special Session Set for Monday

Governor Tim Pawlenty is convening the Minnesota Legislature on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 1 pm for a special session. Pawlenty waited for a federal disaster declaration regarding the flooding in southern Minnesota before calling the special session. The Federal Emergency Management Agency made the declaration yesterday. FEMA funds will be available to local and state government and some non-profit agencies. The agency is still considering aid to individuals.

The Governor, along with House and Senate leadership, had previously set up a framework and a tentative agreement to spend up to $80 million in state money on disaster relief for recent flood damage in 21 counties and tornado damage in northern Minnesota from July. The federal declaration provides the state with disaster relief funds to help cover the estimated $200 million in damages. The framework of the draft bill includes $32.5 million from the state general fund and $26.7 million in general obligation bonds to meet the state portion of the emergency funding.

Pawlenty wants to limit the special session to a one day session dealing with disaster relief only; however some legislators have proposed anti-bullying legislation and have discussed including early enrollment for federal health care as well.

New Poll on the Governor's Race Released

A new KSTP/Survey USA poll was released today. Mark Dayton (DFL) is in the lead with 42 percent, up 4 points from the last poll. Tom Emmer (Republican) came in with 37 percent, up one point. The Independence Party candidate Tom Horner is a distant third with 14 percent, a drop of 4 percent from the last poll. Additionally, 7 percent would support another candidate or remain undecided.

This poll was conducted October 11 - 13 with a pool of 1,000 likely voters of which 712 responded. The margin of error is +/- 3.7 percent.
For up-to-date information about the Minnesota Legislature, tune into Almanac: At the Capitol. This lively and informative program is aired Wednesdays during the legislative session on Twin Cities Public Television at 7:00 PM on Channel 17 and at 10:00 PM on Channel 2.

Almanac: At the Capitol is seen on all public television stations throughout Minnesota and in Fargo. Winthrop & Weinstine is the exclusive law-firm partner and a sponsor of the program.

For more information and to see previous broadcasts, check out the
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