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Jon L. Peterson Quoted in Pioneer Press Article on Leasing Solar Energy Systems

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., affordable housing and real estate attorney  Jon L. Peterson was quoted in the Pioneer Press article, “Solar energy too pricey? Maybe you could rent,” regarding homeowners choosing to lease solar energy systems for their homes rather than bear the costs of purchasing the system themselves. The concept is still somewhat new to solar-system installers, but the idea is becoming more popular. Homeowners pay a low monthly fee for a lease, typically fifteen years. Though leasing solar energy systems to single homeowners has increased, it will still be a long time before solar technology becomes “the norm” (Suzukamo). Jon notes that “it's more common to see solar electric systems installed on low-income apartments than on single-family homes because they can also qualify for tax breaks for low-income housing” (qtd. in Suzukamo).

Article Citation
Suzukamo, Leslie Brooks. “Solar energy too pricey? Maybe you could rent.” Pioneer Press. 18 August 2010.

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Jon L. Peterson Quoted in <em>Pioneer Press</em> Article on Leasing Solar Energy Systems
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