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Bradley J. Walz Comments on Leeds Lawsuit Against Olympus in Biz Journal Article
Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., trademark and franchising attorney  Bradley J. Walz is quoted in a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal article surrounding the recent Olympus lawsuit brought against the company by a local distributor. The article, “In suit, microscope distributor says it’s being squeezed out,” summarizes the lawsuit against Olympus by its largest domestic distributor of its microscopes, Leeds Precision Instruments. The issue outlined in the suit alleges that Olympus America has set an unreasonable quota for Leeds, and has threatened to let contracts expire if not met. If settlements fail between the two companies, Leeds may try to prove its business are franchises, and therefore, Olympus would not be able to terminate contracts with Leeds. Brad Walz, who is not involved with this lawsuit, said that “Leeds appears to qualify as a franchise” (qtd. in Hammerand).

Click on the link to read “In suit, microscope distributor says it’s being squeezed out.”

Article Citation
Hammerand, Jim. “In suit, microscope distributor says it’s being squeezed out.” Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. 30 July 2010: 4.
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