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Megan M. Ruwe Quoted on Handbook Law in Finance & Commerce
Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., employment lawyer  Megan M. Ruwe is quoted in a Finance & Commerce article surrounding a recent Court of Appeals decision. The article, “Court: Handbook did not give employees contractual rights,” looks at the Court’s ruling that as long as there is a clear disclaimer, an employee handbook doesn’t constitute a contractual agreement with an employee for vacation pay. “[…]the case appears to be the first one to address disclaimers and vacation pay in one opinion,” Megan said, “but that the idea that handbook law applies to vacation pay is not new” (Qtd. in Jones).

About Megan M. Ruwe
Megan has experience representing and counseling employers regarding various aspects of federal and state employment laws. She has also represented employers in proceedings concerning these matters in federal and state courts. Megan frequently speaks and writes about social media and what it means for employers and employees, and uses her insights to conduct trainings for employers regarding these issues and other risks associated with employee use of technology in the workplace.

Article Citation:
Jones, Barbara L. “Court: Handbook did not give employees contractual rights.” Finance & Commerce. 19 June 2010.
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Megan M. Ruwe Quoted on Handbook Law in <em>Finance & Commerce</em>
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