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Megan M. Ruwe Discusses Pre-Hiring Planning in New Business Minnesota

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., employment attorney  Megan M. Ruwe is featured, on the cover and as a contributor, in May 2010’s edition of New Business Minnesota, a monthly guide for startup businesses. In her article, “Pre-Hiring Planning to Manage Your Legal Risks,” Megan discusses steps a new employer can take to avoid employment problems before and after hiring an employee.  “The employment relationship begins even before an employee’s first day of work. Thus, even when hiring your first employee, you must think ahead to take steps that will help minimize the risks of hiring a problematic employee, which can range from low employee morale to defending expensive lawsuits” (qtd. in Ruwe).
Click on the link to read “Pre-Hiring Planning to Manage Your Legal Risks.”
In addition to her article contribution to New Business Minnesota, Megan is participating in their interactive workshop on hiring your first employee. The workshop is geared toward startup businesses who are thinking of hiring their first employee, and features professionals who work in employment law, human resources, accounting and payroll. For more information, click on the link to read more details on Hiring Your First Employee Workshop.

Article Citation
Ruwe, Megan. “Pre-Hiring Planning to Manage Your Legal Risks.” New Business Minnesota May 2010: 4+.
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Megan M. Ruwe Discusses Pre-Hiring Planning in <em>New Business Minnesota</em>
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