I really like the size of the law firm; it's big enough to have some truly qualified attorneys in the areas I need, but not so large to have a high degree of infrastructure that adds costs without value.

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Offering More Solutions for Our Clients
Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., and Webber Law Firm, LLC, an immigration law firm, are providing complementary employment-related legal representation for clients. This timely affiliation will provide clients of both law firms more solutions for their businesses in light of greater enforcement of employment, labor and immigration laws as companies continue to grow internationally.
Winthrop & Weinstine offers a large team of experienced and knowledgeable employment law attorneys, and Webber Law Firm attorneys provide clients with extensive experience with U.S. immigration law and compliance and visa strategies.
On-site visit and audits by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Labor officials are increasingly common. This collaboration will provide clients with additional depth and resources.
About Webber Law Firm, LLC
Webber Law Firm focuses employment-based business immigration law matters and assists individuals, churches and religious organizations in immigration law issues. Because immigration law is federal law, Webber Law Firm represents clients throughout the United States and at U.S. consulates worldwide.
Attorneys from Webber Law Firm have experience advising very large, multinational corporations, start-ups and foreign investors. The firm represents clients in a wide variety of industries including software, information technology, communications technology, healthcare, green technology and medical device makers, as well as business involved in financial services, professional services, engineering, forest products and manufacturing.
Webber law firm lawyers counsel a number of foreign companies and investors who have established presence in the United States, including working with companies who are just entering the U.S. market.
Attorneys at Webber Law Firm advise clients on the following legal matters:
  • Temporary U.S. work visas, including obtaining H-1B, L-1, H-3 trainees, L-1 transferee, TN visas under the NAFTA, R-1 religious workers, O-1 extraordinary ability aliens, and E-1 and E-2 investor visas.
  • Permanent visas (green cards) through employment, including processing cases pursuant to PERM labor certification standards, as well as seeking exemptions from PERM for outstanding researchers, aliens of extraordinary ability, those whose work is in the national interest, as well as investors, intracompany transferee managers and executives, and religious workers.
  • Permanent visas (green cards) through family relationships, including marriage-based cases using the K-1 fiancé visa or K-3 spouse visa.
  • Permanent visas (green cards) through the DV Diversity Lottery.
  • Naturalization (citizenship) cases, including strategies to obtain exemptions from physical presence and residence requirements for certain qualified individuals who have spent long periods abroad, including U.S. government workers, expatriates and missionaries stationed abroad.
  • Corporate Immigration Policy Development, including best practices for compliance, and training of H.R. personnel on I-9 compliance.
  • Foreign visa facilitation—assisting U.S. companies to obtain foreign visas at foreign consulates in the United States, for short term visits, or longer work assignments abroad.
  • Ancillary issues, like procedures for obtaining Social Security Numbers, tax ID numbers, work permits, and driver's licenses, which are increasingly complex due to post-9/11 security measures.
Webber Law firm has three attorneys and a total staff of eight. The firm has language fluency in Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien (Taiwanese), and Japanese. Webber Law Firm is an AV-rated immigration law firm and a certified member of the Midwest Minority Suppliers Diversity Council (MMSDC), an association for minority-owned business enterprises.
All of the firm’s attorneys are active members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. For more information about Webber Law Firm, please visit
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