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Megan M. Ruwe Quoted in Star Tribune on Social Networking

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  Employment Law attorney Megan M. Ruwe is quoted in a Star Tribune article published August 20, 2009. The article, “You have the right to remain silent…and tweetless,” looks at social networking trends and how they affect companies, especially legally. Megan said that employees need to realize that when they’re on social networking sites, everything is visible and has a life of its own. “It’s like reality-show contestants who eventually forget that the cameras are rolling,” said Megan (qtd. in Phelps).
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Article Citation
Phelps, David. "You have the right to remain silent…and tweetless." Star Tribune 20 Aug. 2009.

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Megan M. Ruwe Quoted in <em>Star Tribune</em> on Social Networking
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