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"Robert's Rules of Order" - Robert R. Weinstine Featured Article in Law & Politics
Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., trial attorney and firm co-founder Robert R. Weinstine is the subject of an article, “Robert’s Rules of Order,” in Minnesota Law & Politics. The article, published July 22, 2009, is an in-depth interview that explores Mr. Weinstine’s thoughts on civility, responsibility, and the changes that have occurred throughout his career. “He [Mr. Weinstine] remembers having a secretary photo-reduce a stack of documents again and again until they were small enough to fit in his suitcase.  ‘Now I can store 20 depositions on a laptop and pull them up on an airplane and it’s feather-light’” (Glover).
Mr. Weinstine also discusses his opinions on training the next generation, technology, and firm culture. “[…]you don’t find lawyers screaming at their secretaries at Winthrop & Weinstine. The firm is like a big family. ‘We still have our first employee. She was 19 years old, from Sumner, Iowa. She’s been here for 30 years’” (Glover).

Article Citation
Glover, Katherine. "Robert's Rules of Order."  Minnesota Law & Politics 22 July 2009: 26-27. Print.
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"Robert's Rules of Order" - Robert R. Weinstine Featured Article in <em>Law & Politics</em>
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