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"Preventing—and Coping With—Harassment Charges" - Mark A. Pihart & Megan M. Ruwe
Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., Employment Law attorneys Mark A. Pihart and Megan M. Ruwe are once again featured in the Human Resources 2007 manual as co-authors of two chapters in the Summer Edition.  

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Preventing—and Coping With—Harassment Charges

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission receives more than 50 harassment-related charges each day.  By taking steps to prevent harassment in the workplace, employers can minimize the risk that they might become part of that statistic.

Mark is a shareholder with Winthrop & Weinstine, who represents a variety of clients on a wide range of issues in the areas of employment counseling and employment litigation. Megan is an associate in the firm's Employment Law practice group who regularly advises clients in state and federal employment law.

Article Citation
"Preventing—and Coping With—Harassment Charges." Human Resources 2007. Summer ed. Belmont: Thompson Group, 2007. 11-21. Print.
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