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Geoffrey P. Jarpe Quoted in Star Tribune

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A., attorney Geoffrey P. Jarpe is quoted in a Feb. 4, 2009, article in the Star Tribune. The article, “Bloomington accounting firm faces double whammy over Petters, Madoff,” discusses lawsuits against a Bloomington accounting firm. The lawsuits allege that the accounting firm of McGladrey & Pullen failed to detect any fraud from Bernie Madoff and Tom Petters' companies. “Who should have done what when? That's what it's all about,” said Geoff (qtd. in Phelps). “We had audited financial statements that were provided to the fund's partners and we're suing on behalf of the partners." Geoff represents one of the litigating entities, the Ellerbrock Family Trust.

Geoff is a shareholder at Winthrop & Weinstine and has represented plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits and arbitrations for more than 30 years in Minnesota and many other jurisdictions. During that time, Geoff has tried securities fraud cases, corporate ownership and valuation disputes, director and officer liability and fiduciary duty cases, contract cases, and a variety of real estate cases, including condemnation, ownership, zoning and land use disputes.

Article Citation:
Phelps, David. “Bloomington accounting firm faces double whammy over Petters, Madoff.” Star Tribune [Minneapolis] 4 Feb. 2009. 

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Geoffrey P. Jarpe Quoted in <em>Star Tribune</em>
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