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Trademark Law for Paralegals
Winthrop & Weinstine attorney Tiffany Blofied will serve as a speaker on "Trademark Law for Paralegals" in a webcast seminar given by the National Business Institute on January 30, 2015. The session will address a range of topics essential to assist attorneys with the trademark application and maintenance process, including:
  • Important websites you'll need to navigate the trademark process.
  • Strategies for creating a firm database for all of your trademark, license, and domain name cases.
  • How to streamline your docketing system, including solutions from software vendors.
  • How to prepare and file key documents, such as the declaration of use and incontestability under section 8 and section 15.
  • When a domain name qualifies as a trademark, and how to protect your client's website from cybersquatters.
  • How to recognize the Rules of Professional Conduct governing the US Patent and Trademark Office.
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