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Lobbyists John A. Knapp & Tom Hanson Mentioned in Politics in Minnesota Article

Winthrop & Weinstine legislative attorney Tom Hanson was identified as a new lobbyist who has had a good session, according to a Politics in Minnesota article. Even though Republicans no longer control the Minnesota government, a few GOP lobbyists were in demand, including Hanson. Hanson’s fellow Winthrop & Weinstine lobbyist John A. Knapp, said:

“I’d point out two people in particular that I think had good sessions and who, because of the whole budget session and their familiarity with it, were in demand: Ward Einess, the former Revenue commissioner, and Tom Hanson, who was commissioner of Management and Budget. They were in demand both by members, particularly Republican members, in the House and Senate and among clients” (Shaw).

Click here to view the article (PDF download).

Article Citation
Shaw, Charley. “Rising GOP tide lifted some lobbyists’ boats.” Politics in Minnesota. 15 Jun. 2011.
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