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Historic Properties Summit: Historic Properties State of the Market
Date:  Thursday, May 18, 2017 
Time:  8:00 AM - 8:55 AM CT
Location:  Golden Valley Country Club
 7001 Golden Valley Road
 Golden Valley, MN 55427
Register:  Click here

Tax Credit attorney Jeff Koerselman is a panelist at the Historic Properties Summit on May 18, 2017. The panel will focus on "Historic Properties State of the Market," and will discuss:
  • What is the inventory of existing Historic Properties
  • Where are these properties and how do they qualify as a Historic Property
  • What buildings have been restored and redeveloped recently – Case Studies
  • What does the overall market look like
  • Public vs. Private Historical Properties
  • Preservation organizations and resources
For more information or to register, click here.
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Deb Cochran
Direct: (612) 604-6688
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